Ràdio Rambles

Ràdio Rambles is a radio space that aims to stimulate the dissemination of content from neighbors, events, entities, agents, institutions and communities linked to La Rambla, and cultural, social and community projects throughout the city, with the aim to reconnecting La Rambla to the residents of the city. Ràdio Rambles is also a physical node of the XRCB, a project of the Cultura Viva program of the Barcelona City Council in collaboration with the guifi.net / exo.cat community of Barcelona, broadcasting from a radio studio located in a flower kiosk rehabilitated of the emblematic boulevard. Ràdio Rambles gives voice to both the programs of the Cultural Line of the La Rambla transformation project as well as the programs of entities, groups and Institutions that present themselves to the public call.

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15/12/23 La Cadira Vermella: CAPÍTOL 2: En clau de drets: Realitats del VIH 49:19
15/12/23 Confederació d’Associacions Veïnals de Catalunya 06 36:59
15/12/23 Hijxs de Boomers 06 33:54