What is a community radio

Community radio has a broad tradition around the world and in certain zones is a healthy tangible reality, like in the north, center, and south of the American continent. In this ecosystem, a community radio refers to a radiophonic means of communication articulated by the territory’s native communities. The operating protocols of the radio stations are based on the cooperation among participants, as well as the defense of the communication rights of each culture.

Under this influence and within the frame of community telecommunication networks as gufi.net, XRCB understands that the network will be formed by radio projects of diverse social, political and economic composition, that are interested in sharing their actives (knowledge, contents, dissemination, etc.) with the other members of the network. This way, each project will strengthen their structure and get the support of the whole network at the same time.

XRCB understands that the concept of physical community (territory) nowadays extends to the virtual community (internet) and operates where connectivity and the desire to broadcast exist.

In a moment where means of communication are in a few hands, community radio needs to make an extra effort to support topics that are socially relevant, but pointless for the big capitalist machine. The priority is to preserve as many voices as possible. It’s not about opposing small projects, but to add them and thus gaining dissemination spaces for their own contents.

The XRCB is developing free software tools that will be available for all the members of the network. The idea is to operate in a cooperative way both for content and infrastructure, taking guifi.net as a model.

We consider that a community radio is one that wants to find a common way to operate, sharing resources with the other members of the network.
The final idea is to assume the advantages and the obligations of belonging to a community project.

What do I get being part of XRCB?

1.- Free software made and documented by XRCB
– A radio cartography
– A user profile with basic infrastructure for a radio station.
– An archive to file podcasts.
– A calendar with an incorporated player

2.- Open hardware streamer: a specific device to facilitate streaming without using a computer.

3.- Networked infrastructures
– Space for audio files “Núvol XRCB”
– Belong to the mapping and enhance the visibility of radio stations
– Be part of a common front to solve technical and legal problems.
– Be part of community radiophonic activities

What can I bring to the XRCB?

1.- The radios that have a studio can offer hours of usage to the projects that need them.
2.- Workshops and classes
3.- Recording jingles and commercials
4.- Dissemination of other programs through social media and email lists
5.- Enhance the documentation of the project to make it easier to replicate.
6.- Suggest and/or develop technical enhancements for the platform’s design.