CCCB Workshop: Ears and Heart. Listening devices.

Del 31 d’agost al 4 de setembre Ràdio Àfrica Magazine i la XRCB unim forces per organitzar el taller Oïda i Cor. Dispositius d’escolta, que tindrá lloc al CCCB dins de les jornades EH! dirigides al jovent de 14 a 18 anys.

From August 31st until September 4th, Radi Africa Magazine and XRCB join forces to organize the workshop “Ears and Heart. Listening Devices”, that will take place at CCCB for the EH! workshop series for 14 to 18 year-olds.

This workshop is an invitation to activaate our ears to listen to the world. It’s time to listen to others and to ourselves… the universe! Radio opens the door to listening: it offers a place to feel, articulate and share with our loved ones and with those who we sense are on the other side. By listening we get to know the other and understand the society around us, and using our own voice also helps us understand who we are.

“Ear and heart” is a workshop to learn how to produce and publish our own podcasts, while exploring the way we see and hear the world around us. We’ll get to know “the other” by the simple and powerful exercise of listening. Because listening helps us get to know other people and be more tolerant.

The workshop is facilitated by Antònia Folguera (XRCB), Efraín Foglia (XRCB) and Radio Africa, a programme dedicated to the music and thinking of the black Atlantic, with Mrs Safura (Tania Adam).

More info and applications here.