Presentació i workshop de XRCB a Cultura Viva Gener 2018

The last January 26th was held a new edition of Cultura Viva, a research and development project for culture, that XRCB is part of.
The event took place at the recently recuperated Borsí building in Carrer d’Avinyó. You can see the images of the of the day here.

In this edition, we presented the Community Radios Network of Barcelona general project; for the presentation we had as participants Karma Peiró, director of the media outlet Nació Digital and internet and ICTs specialist; and Alicia Álvarez Vaquero, journalist, and researcher specializing in mass communication and youth cultures.

For this day we organized a workshop as well, in which participated community radios such as Scanner FM (the first Spanish music online radio); and Radio Contrabanda, a community radio reference in Barcelona.

We also counted on the participation of Frederic Font, who coordinates the Audio Commons project, and the journalists Sara Blázquez and Josep Comajoan, who initiated the cooperative specialized in communication Dies d’agost, and the media outlet Setembre, where they unite politics, activism, and cooperativism.

Watch in the following video the presentation of the project by Efraín Foglia and Antonia Folguera, and lectures by Karma Peiró and Alicia Álvarez Vaquero.


Below you can find the audios of the workshop that took place during the morning, all of them are in Catalan and Spanish.

CARLOS MEDINA (Scanner FM co-founder)

Carlos Medina explains the story of Scanner FM, the first Spanish music radio station. In this interview, he reviews what they have learned in their 15 years of experience and he reclaims the role of the radio host, not only as a music selector but as an essential piece to connect with the audience.

Scanner FM – Carlos Medina y Bruno Sockolowicz

Dies d’agost /Setembre – Sara Blázquez

Freesound /Audio Commons – Frederic Font