Rhizomatica and Latin-American community radio

Interview with Peter Bloom (Rhizomatica)

Peter Bloom has worked in community radio projects both in Africa and Latin America. Currently, he lives in Mexico and works at Rhizomatica, a decentralized telecommunications platform that considers radio as another service, such as mobile telephony or internet can be.

In many zones of Latin America, there are public goods that are managed by their communities in a distributed way. In the interview, Peter puts as an example the management of land suitable for farming, or the exploitation of water fountains, for the posterior distribution and selling bottled water.

And the question is: Can we do the same for radio?

We asked Peter about managing radio contents in a different way, about how the audience can participate, and how to monetize radio content (if necessary) to maintain radio stations and their collaborator’s excitement and dedication.

(English subtitles coming soon)