Taula / طاولة [‘taw la]

Taula / *طاولة [‘taw la] it is a word used in the catalan and the arabic languages to call the element that consists of a flat and smooth surface that stands horizontally on feet, that it's used to eat, write, work, play, etc.

Jiser started the radio show Taula / طاولة in December 2017, a space for discussion and interviews in radio format, with the intention to create a space for reflection and discussion about the arts, culture and human and social science research in the Mediterranean. Since then, we organize meetings where we want to establish bridges between the city of Barcelona and other points of the region to facilitate the exchange of perspectives, projects and methodologies that are currently taking place.

Our goals are disseminating and advertise thinkers, agents and artists, that are working or that are related to the Mediterranean space.

Our audience's profile are those interested in the arts, culture and research in human and social sciences in the Mediterranean. The people involved in the broadcasts are Xavier de Luca, Jiser founding member and general coordinator in Barcelona. He is also a photographer, exhibitions curator and he is the responsible for watering the plants in the backyard; Violeta Ospina: artist, performer and educator, and collaborator since 2017. She is amateur radio host, researcher and sound mixer in Taula; she is also the coordinator of projects like Radio CAVAret and La sesenta y siete in Barcelona. Paula Durán is a founding member and research coordinator - she is a professor at the UB and researcher.

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06/04/22 Taula #16. KOZ Collective i Collective220 1:12:36
18/09/21 Taula #15. Sara Mono, Serdas, Sindillar, Azimut, Sabers migrants 1:00:54
25/05/21 Taula #14. Muhammad Ali i Abir Boukhari (AllArtNow) 42:01