A new radio is born at la Prosperitat

During the last months, the XRCB team has been working together with the teachers at the Prosperitat School in the design of their radio station. Its name is RÀDIOactiva and it’s the Xarxa’s first school community radio. RÀDIOactiva wants to be a communication channel that moves and shakes the dissemination of content from the neighbors, the events, and the communities around the school, and social, cultural and communitarian projects from all the Prosperitat neighborhood as well.

The station wants to be a shared resource that facilitates the participation of students, collectives, projects, artists, etc. in the public communication of everything that happens in the school and the neighborhood, and joins the three existing studios: Ràdio Fabra, Ràdio Rambles and the brand new Ràdio Maconda.