Escola en residència CCCB

La Xarxa has participated in the project “Escola en Residència” (School in Residency), a program by the CCCB that generates a space of experimentation and learning that breaks the borders between education and culture. A project by two neighbour institutions: The Miquel Taradell high school and the CCCB.

We had the opportunity to participate in the project though the radiophonic practice which consists in speaking and listening (specially the latter). Together with the high school students we went out in the street to research and collect information of the immediate surroundings to make a radio magazine that you can listen to now.

We explored what is perhaps the most classical radio format: the magazine, a container of sections that observe and explain broad topics such as culture, education, gastronomy, health or public space, putting the focus in “hyperproximity”. To find out about the concept, listening to the podcast is needed (insert here winking emoji)