30/03 A day to entangle the waves

Entangling the waves, tools and debates for community radio

On March 30th we will take place “Entangling the waves, tools and debates for community radio”, within the framework of Cultura Viva 2019. This is the first meeting with all the radio stations in the network and will have three activities focused on strengthening the project and the community radio network in Barcelona. The activities will be held at the old Massana school.

11:00 – 15:00 Podcast workshop with Manu Tomillo and Rocío Gómez Fdez-Blanco from Carne Cruda

These two expert voices with extensive experience in radio production will offer a basic level podcast workshop.

Manu Tomillo: Journalist with more than 10 years of radio experience. He has worked for Cadena SER, RNE, Radio3, Radio France Internationale and Carne Cruda.

Rocío Gómez Fdez-Blanco: She has been working at Carne Cruda for 5 years and formerly she was at Radio3 shows such as “Hoy empieza todo”, “Coordenadas” and “Mundo Babel”. She collaborates with Radiojaputa.

17:00 – 19:00 First meeting with the XRCB radios
In this meeting we will share ideas, duties and plan future projects.

19:00 – 20:00 “Keeping it Weird to innovate in Broadcast”. Public radio in the next five years, talk with Tim Cowlishaw (BBC R+D’s Internet and Future Services)

No media has the capacity to survive, reinvent itself, innovate and adapt to the times like radio, which on the one hand resists in the waves, and on the other develops and takes new forms on the internet.
Tim Cowlishaw is a creative technologist at the BBC research and development team, a multidisciplinary unit called BBC R+D’s Internet Research and Future Services, whose goal is making technological prototypes that the UK public broadcaster can implement in five years time.
Tim will show us radio experiments involving sound, interaction, technology and creative practices that will make us imagine the possible futures of public and community radio, making original (not to say weird!) use of the most innovative technologies.

With 15 years of experience in the radio and music industry, outside of work, Tim Cowlishaw promotes (and sometimes also performs) experimental electronic music in London as part of the collective “More News from Nowhere”.

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