CitySound: La construcció sonora de la ciutat 12/11/19

Nine specialists of different fields (Academia, Art, Design, Activism…) sat down at the table that we prepared for the CitySound broadcast, a chance to go deep into how the city imaginaries are built through sound in the digital era.

CitySound counted on the participation of Lucía Lijtmaer, Tania Safura, Nando Cruz, Azucena Micó, Ikram Bouloum, Laura Romero, Xavi Manzanares, Martí Ruiz and Radio Web MACBA Work Group.
The soundscapes are by Tutu.

This mini-symposium was broadcasted live during Smart City Week from the Capella dels Ángels Auditorium (MACBA)

CitySound is an initiative of UOC, Smart City Week and XRCB.
We’d like to thank Dublab.es for their participation.

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