Bornlab Sonor

Bornlab quarterly podcast, El Born CCM community mediation program
Bornlab Sonor carries out processes of exploration and creation in different spaces of the Casc Antic that end with the publication of sound pieces. Based on active listening in the territory, a series of podcasts are proposed that are the result of collaboration between creators and groups in the neighborhoods surrounding El Born CCM.
Bornlab Sonor is a programming located at the moment, with an anchorage in the unofficial memories and that establishes connections with the programming of the center.

podcasts (total 3)

31/08/23 Art, colonialisme, Guinea Equatorial i Barcelona 34:01
14/02/23 Qui citem quan ballem? 41:02
19/07/22 Des de quins barris es veu El Born CCM? 21:42