Boca Ràdio

The mission of the "Associació Juvenil Boca Ràdio" (Boca Ràdio Youth Association) is to manage a means of communication for social transformation since 2005 when Boca Ràdio 90.1 was born. The entity was founded in 1995 and the radio station we promote broadcasts 24 hours a day through 90.1 FM and streaming via web. In the Association we consider the radiophonic medium as a social tool that we use to encourage personal and collective development, giving voice to different agents that work towards a better society; and we do it in a non-profit way, and the project grows every day thanks to the work of all the young associates.

podcasts (total 6)

09/11/18 La Tarantel·la 123 1:07:02
19/05/18 Cinema a Cau d’Orella amb Alba Legide 28:45
17/10/18 La Caixa Negra 68: UAL·LA 1:30:10