cultura viva

Cultura Viva is a program of the Institut de Cultura de Barcelona in which several collectives, cooperatives and citizen platforms participate with the aim of generating a laboratory that allows experimentation around the co-production of public cultural policies.

The XRCB (Barcelona Community Radio Network) is a non-commercial project that is made in collaboration between Cultura Viva and the guifi.net /exo.cat community. The project aims to explore the design and governance of public-community projects.
XRCB is built upon the idea that projects that are created with public funding can be managed by communities (guif.net, exo.cat) that work with distributed participation methodologies to build common open-source techno-social infrastructures. The central idea is to reinforce the work of self-managed communities and ensure their social replicability.

XRCB team:

exo.cat / guifi.net: project design node
exo.cat: infrastructural node
Antònia Folguera: content node
guifipedro: infrastructure engineer
Víctor Oncins: infrastructure management
routek: infrastructural node
datalab: infrastructural node
Gerald Kogler: cartography + code
Nikoline Arns: front-end design
Raúl Goñi: brand design
Núria Campabadal: video documentation
Núria Marqués: radiotón 01 production
Carlos Martorell: sound engineer radiotón 01
JMoles /exo.cat: Hardware research

+ acknowledgements:

Fabra i Coats
La Tremenda coop
Daniel Granados
Eduard Arderiu
Christian Len

guest collaborators

Nacho Gallego
Belén Monclús