XRCB Studios

Ràdio Rambles Studio

Ràdio Rambles is a radio studio located in an old flower kiosk at the heart of Les Rambles. This new radio space aims to boost the dissemination of content from neighbors, events, entities, agents, institutions and communities linked to Les Rambles, as well as cultural, social and community projects throughout the city with the aim to reconnect the people of Barcelona to the Rambles.

Ràdio Rambles is also the second physical node of the XRCB, together with the three-year old studio located in Fabra i Coats, “Ràdio Fabra”.

Ràdio Rambles wants to give voice to their own shows, which are part of the Cultural Line of the transformation project of Les Rambles, as programs of entities, collectives and institutions. These programs will be selected from an open call.

Those projects and groups wishing to develop their radio program can do so through this open call.

Get to know Ràdio Rambles by accessing its XRCB profile.

Ràdio Fabra Studio.

The XRCB has a physical studio, the first node of the network, which is located in the Fàbrica de Creació Fabra i Coats. The shows produced in the studio are part of a residence programme featuring self-managed projects that develop small themes ignored in general media, they take action in their immediate surroundings (neighborhood, street, community) and use free technologies and open licenses. Priority is given to projects with little economic resources that don’t necessarily have experience in radio but want to explore the medium as a tool for expression and social cohesion.

There is an open call for all those projects and collectives that wish to develop a radio show.



Ràdio Maconda

Ràdio Maconda is a cultural dissemination project based in the Sant Martí neighborhood, with headquarters at the Gabriel García Márquez Library. Its programming aims to reflect the activities of the Barcelona Libraries, and aims to also become a channel of expression for the Sant Martí community. The shows are produced by the library itself and are shared with the community, showcasing the vitality of the city’s libraries, as well as the individuals, processes, and entities that make up the cultural fabric of its neighborhoods.

Discover the shows of Ràdio Maconda here.