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XRCB jingles and sound effects

homeopathic music [download]
data center [download]
hit 3 [download]
hit 2 [download]
hit 1 [download]
fm lcd [download]
fm float [download]
fm bossa [download]
fm bossa 2 [download]
fm arp kick 2 [download]

At the XRCB we have the wish our own audio and sound effects library to be used by the shows and radio stations that are part of the network.

We have asked various music producers to help us create the XRCB’s musical identity. These audio files are under a creative commons license (CC BY-SA 4.0) and can be freely used and shared according to the license.

The first collection of jingles and sound effects is by Shoeg.


Artist: shoeg
My main interest is the symbiotic relationship between humans and technology, and experimentation with technology as a tool to manage perception of reality and also as a political background.