Carne Cruda: A landmark for Spanish podcasting

Carne Cruda is one of the most successful podcasts in Spain. This project was born in the Spanish public radio (Radio3), then was broadcasted from a private mainstream radio channel (Cadena SER), and finally, their team opted to exist independently in the form of a podcast.

This project left radio platforms behind with the help of a crowdfunding campaign and currently is supported by listener subscriptions and donations, besides broadcasting live from theatres.

Carne Cruda’s content is under a Creative Commons license that allows many independent radio stations from all over Spain to include the show in their program schedules.

Man Tomillo is part of the team that makes possible Carne Cruda, and he tells us how are the inner workings of this podcast, and that the radio of the future is based on creativity and storytelling.

(English subtitles coming soon)