Ràdio Rambles 25/03/21: Premiere of a new radio station

Ràdio Rambles is a radio studio located in a disused flower kiosk in the heart of Las Ramblas. This new radio space aims to dynamize the dissemination of content from neighbors, events, entities, agents, institutions and communities linked to Las Ramblas, as well as cultural, social and community projects from all over the city, with the objective of reconnecting Las Ramblas to the city’s neighbors.

Ràdio Rambles is also the second physical node of the XRCB, which has had the Fabra y Coats Ràdio Fabra studio for three years.

Ràdio Rambles is also the second XRCB physical node, along with Ràdio Fabra, founded three years ago.

Ràdio Rambles gives voice to the programs of the Cultural Line of the project of transformation of La Rambla as well as to those radio programs of entities, groups or institutions that apply to this open call.


Check the Ràdio Rambles profile for more information.