Martian Waves at the CCCB

Listen to “Martian Waves”, a session of science, literature and live radio that served as the closing of “Missió ALIA” an educational project initiative of the CCCB that links scientific dissemination with literary and artistic creation.

“Martian Waves” took place within the framework of Kosmopolis and brought together six groups of high school students who worked on some of the most outstanding research programs of the Institut d’ Estudis Espacials de Catalunya (IEEC). Accompanied by the scientists leading them, astronomer Kike Herrero, science fiction writer Inés Macpherson and artist Serafín Álvarez, the students wrote several stories that were read and performed in the radio program.

The show constructs a dramaturgy conducted by the XRCB team based on the stories written by the students and the data provided by the scientists who participated in the “mission”.

The program includes the participation of the writer and storyteller Inés McPherson, the scientists Kike Herrero, Ignasi Ribas, Francesc Gòdia, Laia Ribas, Carme Jordi, Miquel Sureda and Guillem Anglada; and the artist Serafín Álvarez, as well as the students of the high schools Miquel Tarradell, Manuel Carrasco y Formiguera, Joan Brossa, Icaria, Pau Claris and Col-legi Sant Gabriel.

The Martian musical soundscape was provided by Tutu (Gemma Planell) and the program was conducted by Ginebra Vall and Antònia Folguera (XRCB).

All this was possible thanks to the “behind the scenes” team Maria Farras and Júlia Ferrer (CCCB), Efraín Foglia and Pedro (XRCB) and all the technical team of the CCCB.

Watch the video of the day here.

More information at the CCCB website.